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Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

It seems a lifetime ago the original version of Beyond Good & Evil was released; a well-rounded adventure game that received praise from the critics but suffered from poor sales. Over the years a cult following has been gathering behind this classic game, sparking an announcement for a sequel and now the original has been given the HD treatment. With another chance to break into the mainstream, just how well has the game aged?

The opening scene of the game appears and there is no denying that Ubisoft has done a fantastic job; the unique setting of BG&E; has been given a facelift that truly makes the game pop. Keeping in mind this is a eight-year-old game one can’t help but be impressed with what is on display here.

BG&E; thrives on the quirky setting and loveable characters who are still just as charming today as they were back in 2004. Jade would have to be a contender for female heroine of all time, Uncle Pey’j is still hilarious and the various characters you meet along the way really give the world of Hillys a life of its own.

The gameplay is still fun and compelling, yet the same issues that were present in the original title are still here. The camera can be a little frustrating at times but its certainly no deal breaker, and the enemy AI seems a little simplistic by today’s standards but that is to be expected given the title’s age.

Zelda-like gameplay is the order of the day; there is a vast world to explore and dungeons to defeat as you move throughout the entertaining world of Hillys. This mixed with the great characters and stealth elements is what makes BG&E; such a delight to play. There is no denying that the title has a distinct art style and feel to the gameplay that simply cannot be replicated by any other title. The fact that eight years later that exact same feeling is still there and is still fun and compelling is testament enough to just how good this game really is.It’s also worth mentioning the excellent soundtrack that has been lovingly restored to BG&E. Whether it’s the subtle piano tracks or a full on African jungle beat you have to admit that it is one of the best and most unique soundtracks to any adventure game out there.

If you are one of the few people who jumped into the original in 2004 you will find the same well-balanced game ready for you to explore again. The story and characters are just as charming as they were eight years ago and you will have a blast seeing those old locations with the HD treatment. If you are one of the many who missed out on this gem of a title and you are hankering for an imaginative and unique adventure then you can’t go past this rehashed classic.

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