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Jolly Rover Review

Point and click adventures seem to be making a resurgence; TellTale Games have been churning out episodic content in the genre with huge success and A Vampyre Story captured the attention of critics and gamers alike. Now Australian indie developer Brawsome have proven their worth with Jolly Rover, a delightful pirate adventure that is executed to perfection.

Players assume control of Gaius James Rover, a pirate on the high seas who is far too polite and would rather a spot of tea than to guzzle a bottle of grog. His naivety is the source for much of the humour that is scattered through this six-hour plus adventure, landing this charming dachshund pup into a number of absurd situations along the way. There are a multitude of belly-laugh moments that will stick with you long after the adventure is over, putting this right up there with classics such as Monkey Island.

The gameplay is standard fare for any adventure gamer out there; simply point and click your way through the environments to collect information or items that will further progress the hilarious story that is unfolding before you. Veterans of the genre will find the puzzles fairly easy, however not so easy you will have the solution in twenty seconds. Thankfully for newcomers, a handy hint system has been included which will ensure that gamers of all ages and skill will be able to navigate this adventure with ease.

Brawsome need to be applauded for their skill in creating a living, breathing world. The characters of Jolly Rover each bring their own flavour of uniqueness to the adventure, instantly earning a place among the best supporting cast of any adventure game out there. Whether it be the dreadlock clad Melvin, the sinister Governor DeSilver or the droopy jowls snark of Captain Howe, the characters of Jolly Rover make it a truly unique and memorable experience.

The art direction, along with the voice acting is what brings this world to life. Each voice seems to suit the characters perfectly; whether it be the well spoken James or the growl of a pirate captain, the voice acting is outstanding. Matched with the bright, colourful and inviting art of the environments and the characters, it is hard to flaw the presentation of Jolly Rover.

Throughout the adventure, you will also find a bevvy of extra content such as money, pirate flags and items that unlock bonuses. It gives the title some replay value as you will be rewarded for your efforts with some great concept art, character bios and more. It’s a nice feature, one that should be included in point and click adventures more often.

It may be a tad on the easy side, but Jolly Rover is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable adventures out there, earning a place next to the classics from the 1990’s golden era. Brawsome have created a title that is expertly executed and will be remembered long after the adventure is over.

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